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The power to simplify quality control and assembly through a direct, misunderstanding-proof communication channel between the technical office, the production department and the construction site!

X-VISION is an innovative web and mobile solution, integrated with PROGENIO MAXX®, which lets you visualise and understand all the relevant aspects of an order: geometries, processing and machining, finishes, dimensions and final design drawings, etc.

With X-VISION you can digitally identify the furnishing elements envisaged in a project, eliminate all paper documentation and generate accurate, updated and correct information flows.

X-VISION simplifies the phases of production, quality control, assembly, installation on site and maintenance through a highly effective direct communication mode which has been specifically designed to be leveraged whilst mobile from your tablet or smartphone.

Some X-VISION features:

  • Display and achieve the maximum traceability of each element in the order when mobile
  • Identify components by scanning a QR code or bar code or by manually inputting a code
  • View the configuration of components
  • View the processing phases of a component
  • Have access to information on the drilling to be performed on components
  • View and download documentation attached to components and assemblies (drawings, images) and CNC programs
  • View 3D models of components and furniture
  • Measure lengths and distances in 3D of individual components and furniture
  • Manage sections on a 3D model
  • Ensure project data is always up-to-date
  • Eliminate paper
  • Share order data with suppliers
  • Integrated natively with PROGENIO MAXX®, X-Tower® and X-Vision to facilitate reporting anomalies, changes or other project-related information between the various corporate departments.

Unique code for each element

Centralized project


Always reliable

Check geometry and dimensions

Environmentally friendly

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Revolutionise your workflow! Complete your digital toolbox with X-TOWER®, X-SOLVE and X-VISION and take it with you wherever you need it.

This best addresses any contract project focused on building management and the repetitiveness of furnishings through an interactive digital visual representation.

Manage and report anomalies – that might arise when processing a contract order in any processing stage – quickly and centrally.