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The revolution in managing and representing contract, residential, naval and hotel furnishing order data!

X-TOWER® helps project managers, the sales office and technical operators who have to manage contract projects which are characterised by the repetitiveness of the products used.

X-TOWER® allows users to digitally and visually represent the building, the environments to be furnished – from the floors of a hotel to the decks of a cruise ship – placing furnishing products including their codes inside them in order to guarantee perfect traceability.

With X-TOWER® you are always in control of the entire life cycle of the products used through a simple, intuitive and interactive graphical interface.

Some X-TOWER features:

  • Represent a building digitally
  • Define product data
  • Place products in the building
  • Manage product status
  • Launch organised production
  • Print labels and title blocks
  • Access quick statistics (products and states)
  • Access analytical statistics (products and states)
  • Integrated natively with PROGENIO MAXX®
  • Can be integrated with other systems (MES, ERP, etc.)

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Revolutionise your workflow! Complete your digital toolbox with X-TOWER®, X-SOLVE and X-VISION and take it with you wherever you need it.

View, whilst you’re mobile, all the general and detailed information of an order: geometries, processing and machining, finishes, dimensions and final design drawings, etc. with the guarantee of being able to access information that is always up-to-date.

Gestisci e segnala in modo rapido e centralizzato le irregolarità che possono emergere nello svolgimento di una commessa contract in tutte le fasi di lavorazione