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From 3D design to production in a click!

+CAM is the PROGENIO MAXX® extension created to enhance interoperability between software and machinery and to increase collaboration between designers and manufacturers.

With +CAM technical offices and production departments can finally adopt the same operating language.
With +CAM you can generate machine programs directly from the 3D design, integrate PROGENIO MAXX® with every CAM solution adopted in the company and allow it to automatically process pre-configured and production-ready CAD components. All to the advantage of the greatest precision of your production processes and the most advanced optimisation of your processes.

+CAM automatically determines the machining needed with two and a half axes and supports machining with two positioning axes.

Some +CAM features:

  • Automatically recognise machining needs starting from the geometry and configuration of the piece
  • Set application rules for processing technologies
  • Filter machining rules on the basis of the configuration specifications of the part to process
  • Export with 3D Interchange formats
  • Save processed CAM files to customisable locations (e.g. the corporate server for communication with production)
  • High customisation ability through the “CAM Configurator” module
  • Display the recognised machining processes in the CAD system
  • Modify the machining processes recognised directly in the CAD system
  • Create itemised lists for nesting and sectioning machines
  • Automatically file CNC files to be retrieved at later stages
  • Simultaneously manage multiple machine configurations
  • Automatically check the compatibility of the workpiece geometry with vertical machines and calculate the workpiece stop for the same.
  • Manually or automatically manage workpiece etching

and much more!

If you already have a CAM system in your company and you are satisfied with it but still need to optimise the technical office’s work, try PROGENIO MAXX!

Progenio MAXX connects to any CAM system in the company thanks to the series of connectors made available: Alphacam, DDX, Genio, Bsolid and B-Nest, Maestro connectors, etc.