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PLANSTUDIO, Custom Furnishings in our DNA

Raised in a family of carpenters in the heart of the furniture district in Pesaro, Italy, in 1997 Massimo and Roberta Franceschetti combined their skills to support companies operating in the custom, nautical and contract furnishings sector with dedicated services and software solutions specifically aimed at the sector. That is how Planstudio started.

With an approach to working that starts with listening and assessing the customer’s specific needs, Planstudio designs optimal processes for the company and

delivers them with advanced technological solutions which are developed thanks to the in-depth knowledge of the custom furnishings sector.

Recognised as a Bentley Platinum Partner, Planstudio is a Bentley Training Product Partner and has been certified ISO9001 EA37, thus guaranteeing qualified, 4.0 training courses.

The only Bentley Developer Network certified company in Italy, Planstudio – thanks to its internal department of technical operators and research and development personnel, led by Massimo Franceschetti – creates ad hoc solutions to meet the needs of companies in the sector, helping them achieve the greatest level of process optimisation.


marche yachting cruising

Planstudio is part of Marche Yachting & Cruising, an association of 24 companies based in the Marche region in Italy and operating in the luxury yacht supply chain.

MYC works to promote the processes of internationalisation, training, information and cooperation with those bodies that promote the Marche region as a world leader in the construction of cruise ships and luxury yachts.

“Joining Marche Yachting & Cruising is an opportunity to make our custom, nautical and contract furnishings experience available and to highlight our commitment to continuous innovation, training and collaboration”.


  • 1989

    Massimo Franceschetti establishes the first collaborative links with Bentley Systems

  • 1997

    Massimo and Roberta Franceschetti launch Planstudio Srl, a software house specialising in the contract and custom furnishings sector.

    We become a Bentley Systems certified developer with a BDN contract


  • 2000

    We develop the beta version of Global Project at Ekofarma srl, to optimise the design and production of custom medicines

  • 2003

    We work with Grottaroli sas, expanding the CAM world by entering the sub-contractor sector

  • 2006

    First interactions with the Outfitting sector

  • 2008

    We enter the world of large industries with S2 spa through processes, automatic encoding, MES and management systems.

    We become a Bentley Silver Partner  

  • 2009

    Progenio becomes a registered trademark and becomes an interface with the nautical world.

    A collaboration agreement is reached with Cetena Spa (Fincantieri Group) through the “Safe Return To Port” project

  • 2013

     A collaboration agreement with Tino Sana srl is established in the Retail, Nautical and Naval Furnishings sector

  • 2015

    We enter a partnership with Paolini Spa and Pad Project srl, carrying out optimisation processes in the nautical sector

  • 2017

    We move to new facilities, in the heart of the furniture industry, opening the doors to events such as “Intelligent Contract”.

    We become a Bentley Gold Partner and participate in “The Year In Infrastructure 2017” in Singapore

  • 2018

    We become Innovation Managers and work with companies in their digital transformation.

    We participate in “The Year In Infrastructure 2018” in London.  

  • 2019

    We launch PROGENIO MAXX, the solution that looks to the future and is presented at the event, WE ARE PROGENIO MAXX.

    We fly once more to Singapore for “The Year In Infrastructure 2019”

  • 2020

    A historic period of great change and working methods, thus X-VISION is launched.

    We participate online in “The Year In Infrastructure 2020”.

  • 2021

    We announce the “WE ARE PROGENIO MAXX” community, dedicated to users in the contract and custom furnishings sector

    Planstudio becomes a Bentley Platinum Partner.   

  • 2022

    From our vast experience of optimising processes in the contract furnishings sector, we launch X-TOWER, the solution for the complete management of building orders.

    We celebrate 25 years of operation in the custom, nautical and contract furnishings sector!